Nature Book Tree, Earth, Water

The Nature Book aims to raise awareness through key information concerning Trees, soil quality and their importance in the Water Cycle !


Get inspired by Trees in our everyday life with Nature-based Solutions !


Reconnect with the living through outdoor activities.




  • Discover the importance of Trees and Earth quality in the Water Cycle

  • Get inspired by Trees in our everyday life

  • Reconnect with the living through outdoor activities

Why this educational program ?

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Why are Trees so essentials
to preserve the Water Cycle ?

Trees slow down water when it rains. It allows the Ground to absorb Water slowly before reaching groundwaters and rivers.
Trees limit the risk of flooding !

Trees are able to store or eliminate certain chemical pollutions. These giants help us clean up water and grounds. They are a natural wastewater treatment plant !

In addition to cleaning water, trees supply the clouds, like a water filling station.

No Trees means no rain !

The clouds continue their journey above our heads. We talk about atmospheric rivers produced by trees. All this works only with solar energy

Why does Ocean life depends
on Trees and forests ?

The trees by the river form the riparian forest, that means the river’s forest. The trees take advantage of the river by having
permanent access to water and richer, deeper soil.
The river also needs these trees ! They help to limit the evaporation which allows to keep water in, even during summer.

The minerals from the ground, woods and fallen leaves end up in the rivers, and are necessary to enrich the water before joining the ocean. The whole coast life depends on these nutrients that will feed plankton, seaweed, then fish and so on…

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